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4/11/15 Spring Football Practice #9

Notes from interview:

  • Defense is ahead of the offense at about the mid-point of spring practice. Dana Holgerson said, “I have been in a lot of spring practices where the offense has their way and that never turns out good in the fall.”
  • 15-16 returners on defense.
  • Holgerson mentions that their will be a lot of changes as he works closely with the offense, and says we will not see a finished product today or by the spring game, but we will in the fall.
  • Wide Receiver Daikiel Shorts has been moved to wide out because of his 6’1″ height and good speed to fill the need in that position.
  • #10 Jordan Thompson is the best inside receiver right now according to Holgerson.
  • We will see Cody Clay at tight end and inside receiver, Wendell Smallwood at running back and inside receiver, and KJ Myers can play inside receiver as well.
  • Holgerson discussed that the punter and punt returners need to work through the mental aspect of wind.
  • On Kyle Rose issue: “He has been suspended all week, has cleaned the entire weight room and will be running stadium steps. The team is dealing with the issue internally and that type of behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. With that being said, Kyle has been a four year guy that has done the right thing on and off the field and has taken care of business in the class room and played a lot of football… He understands what is expected of his as a senior leader,” Holgerson stated.
  • On who has stepped up on the defensive line: Darrien Howard.
  • Smart kids at the quarterback position: Skylar Howard and William Crest Jr. are football smart. Holgerson is still getting to know Chris Chugunov and David Sills since they have only been on campus for eight practices.
  • David Sills spent time with the twos and he is doing good things with the run game, but needs to continue and try and get better in the pass game.
  • Chugunov received some third team reps today.


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