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Adam “Pacman” Jones offers free camp to Cincinnati kids

Adam “Pacman” Jones gave back to his community this past weekend, offering a free camp at LaSalle High School. Team 24 Youth Camp, was spearheaded by Jones and his wife, Tish, and was a chance for the cornerback to give back and allow children to partake in a free football camp.

Jones and his wife, along with Jones’s sister-in-law, put on the free camp at the local Cincinnati high school to give a chance for the kids in the area to spend time playing football with the Bengals player. The camp was open to children ages 8-14, with the benefit of offering no registration, so that children were able to literally just show up to play last weekend. Team 24 Youth Camp was not only without registration, but the camp was free and had no stated limit on number of children to participate. Jones made it clear that he wanted the camp to be open to as many as possible, allowing them to just see how many would show up.

Jones’s reasoning for making the camp free was so that children of any background would be able to participate, highlighting how he grew up in an environment where his family may not have been able to afford a camp run by an NFL player. Jones’s purpose of putting on the camp was literally just to offer his “new” hometown, as it is evidenced by his family’s efforts in the camp, a chance to bring kids from all over the Cincinnati area together to play football and just be kids outside.

The camp also shows how far Jones has come since his “Pacman” days, while the nickname lives on, he is not the “Pacman” Jones he once was. Present at the camp was one of Jones’s good friends, five-time world boxing champion Zab Judah, as well the owner of a neighboring restaurant to the high school. Jones also had entertainment from DJ Bandcamp, who came to the camp after finishing up a European tour.

Team 24 Youth Camp is just one of the many ways to show how Jones no longer embodies the Pacman persona he once had. While many of the children present at the camp are too young to have known or remembered Jones of years past, they instead have a knowledge of the cornerback as being one who gives back to his community and has provided an opportunity that he likely would have not been afforded in his own childhood.

Jones’s camp was completed with several of his fellow Bengals teammates participating and sharing moments with the children last weekend. Vontaze Burflict, Marquis Flowers, Brandon Tate and Chris Lewis Harris all came out to support both Jones and the children participating in Team 24 Youth Camp, showing the children present a fun weekend event they will likely not soon forget.

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