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Addae, Doege and Ford-Wheaton Talk About Summer Process on WVU Football

Alonzo Addae:

In April, safety Alonzo Addae was drafted No. 13 in the Canadian Football League draft. Addae took away a lot from the draft process as he returns for his fifth year of college.

“The process of the CFL draft was definitely a learning experience,” Addae said. “I would say the biggest thing I learned is to not take anything for granted. I was afforded the opportunity to be drafted in the CFL, but at the same time, my goal was always to return back to Morgantown.”

The Mountaineers added transfer linebacker Deshawn Stevens to the team. Addae has a lot of similarities to Stevens. What are they?

“What a lot of people don’t know is me and Deshawn [Stevens] have known each other for a long time,” Addae said. “Both of us are from the Toronto area in Canada. We played against each other and little league ball coming up and then we also actually played with each other for our provincial team in Ontario.”

Jarret Doege:

A couple of months ago WVU head coach Neal Brown dubbed quarterback Jarret Doege as the most improved player during the spring. Doege has continued to show development in his game ever since.

“Main focus has been moving around in the pocket, realizing when to run, and realizing when to take a sack; just situational football,” Doege said. “I’ve gotten a lot better just moving in the pocket, maybe one, small little movement and making that throw helps a lot.”

Dodge also has understood this off-season about how important it is to be able to buy time as a quarterback.

“I’ve been doing tons of different drills, just having a bag right there in my face and making a throw with someone standing right down my face,” Doege said. “[Or] just making that small movement, just to get away from the bag and getting a couple inches to where I can make a throw.”

This fall West Virginia fans might have to get used to having a quarterback with a full beard…

“I’m rocking with it right now,” Doege said. “I’m going to go through the season and see how it goes. Doing a little mountain man action, my brother is growing it as well. So, I’m just seeing how it goes.”

Bryce Ford-Wheaton:

For Bryce Ford-Wheaton, this off-season has consisted of having better eating habits and transforming into a “true athlete.”

“I really wanted to get better all around,” Ford-Wheaton said. “I’ve been going hard in the weight room trying to lean our muscle mass and I’ve been eating right, which is something that I haven’t really done in my past.” Did you know that Gym rats and iron-pumpers who use CBD to aid in muscle recovery often have a bottle of hemp capsules in their bag. Synchronicity Hemp Oil products are a top choice, with their 25mg pills and no melt solution, learn more at this hemp and CBD blog.

“When I first came in, I saw guys like David Sills and Gary Jennings and there are so much older than me and they’re eating always healthy and I would always look at their plate and I’d be like, ‘why are y’all eating that?’ They always told me one day you’re going to understand why and I finally do understand why,” Ford-Wheaton said.

Top Photo: Caten Hyde

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