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Analysis: West Virginia v Texas

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Longhorns escaped with a narrow victory over the Mountaineers this past Saturday 17-13. The game was ultimately decided by a missed pass interference call when West Virginia was threatening inside the five-yard line on fourth down.  

  1. The offense let us down – Yes. They had some bright spots, but they also let us down in some key points of the game. We finally added some big plays to the passing game, but Neal Brown just can’t find consistency within his offense. They have too many drives that end quickly, which leads to the defense going right back on the field. This is costing West Virginia their games. If you go back and watch all three of their losses, the offense isn’t on the field nearly as long as the defense. A West Virginia team that averages more than 150 yards rushing was held to just 43 yards! Leddie Brown could only gather a total of 47 yards in 15 carries, and Alec Sinkfield had a whopping five yards in six carries. Neal Brown has to find some consistency somewhere.  
  1. The defense could’ve been better – Again, it’s tough to keep stopping an offense as good as the Longhorns when you just got off the field. They also held a high-powered Texas team to only 17 points. That’s impressive. Although, they made freshman running back, Bijan Robinson, look amazing. On his first carry of the game, he took it half the field, and on just 12 carries he accumulated 112 yards (9.4 avg). They compiled a total of 179 rushing yards on 36 attempts (5.0 avg).  
  1. Neal Brown made some mistakes – The Mountaineers were simply just not good in their opponents’ territory. They were 0-3 on fourth-down conversions and 6-17 on third-down. Brown took the responsibility and I applaud him for that. If they kick those field goals, the Mountaineers win the game. You want your offense to find some igniter though, and some times that comes on conversions. Those are the tough decisions a head coach has to make and live with.  
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