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Around the Big 12: What’s happening at Kansas State

Today we bring to you a new feature; a weekly (or semi-regular) recap on what’s going on at the nine other Big 12 schools across the country. In a time of such uncertainty, we’re here to provide you a little insight as to what is going on around the conference.

First up, what’s going on at Kansas State?

Little Manhattan has recently made headlines as the student-athletes are showing they are more than just athletes and are informed citizens capable of making their own decisions. Days after the football program put a temporary hold on voluntary football activities due to the risking cases of Covid-19, student-athletes took to their social media to raise awareness and concern for racist comments coming from fellow Kansas State students.

The student-athletes are in agreement to not play, participate or meet about football until a student from the university is dismissed after a blatantly racist and terrible post mocking the death of George Floyd surfaced.

The student-athletes’ boycott has been publicly supported by second-year head coach Chris Klieman. Comments from the head coach, the athletic director and various football players have been made, but no comments from the Office of Admissions or if the student has been dismissed from school yet.

At a time where the country is divided on many topics, there is comfort in the fact that student-athletes across the country have the support of their head coaches. It’s well-known that West Virginia is dealing with their own situation after defensive coordinator Vic Koenning was put on administrative leave last week. Student-athletes are more than just athletes, and many fans talk about how much football helps these young men grow up. Judging by the calm and well-spoken way players are speaking out, student-athletes around the Big 12, and the country, are finding their voices and showing how much growing up really does happen through college sports.

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