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Baylor Vs. West Virginia Analysis

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (March 3, 2021) – The game started with a quick and successive lead by Baylor, almost keeping up double of what the Mountaineers had throughout the first half.

West Virginia managed to close the lead by six points with only 7:30 remaining in the game. Only for Baylor to close the gap yet again.

Only for WVU to go on the offensive one last time and bring it to a one-point game. Never quite getting ahead of Baylor, especially after guard Jared Butler scored a three-pointer to bring the first half score to 35-31.

Baylor had four steals in the first half alone. Whereas the comeback by WVU is a notable one, extending the lead to seven. It wasn’t quite enough to secure a foothold against the visiting Baylor team.

The WVU team as a whole has been playing sporadically during this first half. From showing bursts of incredible athleticism to not being able to properly control the ball. Baylor on the other hand has been one step ahead of the curve against WVU.

After the first half, however, WVU stepped up their game, especially with the performances of Sean McNeil and Miles McBride. McBride led the team with 19 points.

Whereas McNeil wasn’t far behind with a total of 18 points. For Baylor, Jared Butler and Davion Mitchell were the point leaders. With Butler earning his team 25 points, and Mitchell with 20. 

The game went into overtime with both teams sharing the same total of 81-81. It was here that Baylor took charge and simply proved that they wanted to win more than their opponents.

The game was an exciting game to watch, hopefully, West Virginia can recover from what was a missed opportunity to boost their resume.

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