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Big 12 announces Game Cancellation Thresholds

Friday of Labor Day Weekend, the Big 12 conference announced that the minimum number of players needed to play a game during the 2020 football season as 53 players.

The minimum thresholds of available players were also established for offensive linemen (7), interior defensive linemen (4) and quarterback (1). When a team falls below these numbers due to game week test results, the team can still chose to play that week or the game could be declared no-contest if approved by the Big 12 Commissioner.

The 2020 schedule allows each team two bye weeks which will be used for rescheduling availability should teams need their one non-conference game rescheduled due to test results. The conference may already see this with the Texas Tech-Southern Methodist game as it will not take place on Friday September 11 as the teams had too many positive COVID-19 test results going into Labor Day Weekend.

The West Virginia Mountaineers will host Eastern Kentucky in Morgantown Saturday, September 12 with a noon kickoff, airing on FS1.

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