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Big 12 Athletic Directors to meet on Tuesday, Decision on Football Imminent

Late Sunday afternoon into early evening, social media was abuzz with the tweets about an “emergency meeting” of the Power 5 conference commissioners. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby addressed several members of the media following the meeting to set the record straight and provide some insight as to what is happening.

Bowlsby was quick to point out that the meeting was not an emergency meeting, but one that was already on the schedule. The teleconference was scheduled last week for this past Sunday, contrary to the many tweets stating so.

Bowlsby remarked that no decisions had been made for the Big 12, and that the outlook was unfortunately looking dimmer and dimmer over the last few weeks. “Are we in a better place today than two weeks, ago?” he said. “No, we’re not.”

Case numbers for COVID-19 have not dropped off over the last several weeks, players from other conferences have started to voice their opinions on what should or should not happen. New research on long-term effects of what COVID-19 can do to people, even those who are in peak athlete condition, has started to surface. West Virginia’s Kerry Martin, Jr. is one of the first Big 12 players to announce he will be sitting out the season due to his health concerns.

If the 2020 season were a high stakes poker game in Las Vegas, there’s a few cards left to flip and the house has a major advantage. Things are looking grim.

Bowlsby on the season: “We haven’t made any decisions, I can tell you that. We’re continuing to do what we’ve done. We’re listening to doctors and scientists and continuing to prepare our schedule and prepare for the season. And yet the last two or three weeks have not been good to us. You’d be less than forthright if you didn’t acknowledge between the myocarditis and some of the other things that are new, it hasn’t raised the concern level. But nothing has been decided at this point.”

The Big 12 is set to have a meeting on Tuesday to continue discussions on the 2020 football season.

Mountaineer fans, cross your fingers.

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