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Big 12 Conference Limits Contact During Season

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby at Media Days. Photo courtesy of

Dallas, TX- At the Big 12 media days on Monday, commissioner Bob Bowlsby  met with the media to talk about the state of the conference. One major topic of discussion was contact. Currently, the NCAA only allows three days of contact during the week, but the Big 12 has decided to limit it to two days- one day of practice and the game. Players who do not play in the game can participate in two contact practices.

The NCAA describes contact as, “any practice that involves live tackling to the ground and/or full-speed blocking.”

Bowlsby believes that this will limit injuries. “Limiting the number of live contact practices…demonstrates the commitment of our membership to the health and safety of Big 12 student-athletes.”

This change brings up the question if this will be a disadvantage for the schools in the conference, but the commissioner does not think this will be the case. When talking the coaches, he found out that most teams were not using the three days anyway. It could actually be an advantage in the long haul by limiting injury in the second half of the season.

Many coaches were in favor of this change including Dana Holgerson. “You’ve go to protect the kids as much as you possibly can, but you can’t lose site of the fact that it’s a physical game,” Holgerson said. He has not used more than one day for contact in practice during his time at WVU.


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