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Big 12 Power Rankings, Jayhawks stay on top, Mountaineers continue free fall

The Big 12 season is over halfway done, and the longer it goes on, the harder it is to rank the 10 teams, as each week an unexpected result happens to mess things up. This week, there was a lot of shuffling, with every team except Kansas changing spots.

#10 West Virginia Mountaineers (14-11, 3-9) (LW: 9)

The Mountaineers have won just once in their past ten games, a home win over Iowa State, another team at the bottom. They lost to Kansas State this week, in a game where they led by double digits, and also got blown out in their worst loss of the year at Oklahoma State. Barring winning out, the Mountaineers season is just about over. 

#9 Iowa State Cyclones (17-9, 4-9) (LW: 10)

The Cyclones did pick up a win this week over TCU to snap a four game losing streak, but the team who was the surprise of the conference in non-conference play and getting national media attention is in major danger of missing the tournament all together still. Luckily for them, they only play one ranked team the rest of the season so they still have a chance to finish strong.

#8 Oklahoma Sooners (14-12, 4-9) (LW: 6)

The Sooners are probably the most confusing team in the conference. After losing to Oklahoma State, they responded by beating Texas Tech in dominant fashion, then this week lost to both Texas and Kansas by two points. Oklahoma still has a lot of games to build up their resume, but only one ranked game left to try to make up for their subpar overall record.

#7 Oklahoma State Cowboys (12-13, 5-8) (LW: 8)

The Cowboys continued their streak of resume wrecking, defeating West Virginia by 23. Despite having a postseason ban and nothing to play for, Mike Boynton still has done a good job of making his team hungry and ready to play every game.

#6 TCU Horned Frogs (16-7, 5-6) (LW: 5)

The Horned Frogs have now lost three of their last four, with their only win being a tight home win over Oklahoma State. They have also played a pretty light schedule so far as they still have to play Kansas twice, and Baylor, Texas and Texas Tech. A team that’s on the bubble, the Horned Frogs need to pick up some marquee wins down the stretch.

#5 Kansas State Wildcats (14-11, 6-7) (LW: 7)

The Wildcats have won four of their last five, and have greatly improved their chances of getting in the tournament. They have Kansas and Texas Tech still to play, and winning one of those while winning the other games their supposed to should be enough to get them in.

#4 Texas Longhorns (19-7, 8-5) (LW: 3)

Ranking the next three teams is where things start to get really dicey. All three have a legitimate argument to be over the other, but Texas falls at number four due to a head to head loss and a blowout loss against Baylor this week. The Longhorns are still a very dangerous team and have won three of their last four and will be in the running to win the conference tournament.

#3 Baylor Bears (21-5, 9-4) (LW: 2)

Baylor has been slipping of late, at least by their standards as they have lost two of their last four. This includes a 24 loss to Kansas and a 10 point loss to Texas Tech. In between those two games though, were two blowout wins including a 17 point win over the Texas Longhorns. 

#2 Texas Tech Red Raiders (20-6, 9-4) (LW: 4)

Texas Tech moves ahead of their in-state rivals due to beating them head to head and winning five of their last six. They were also able to beat Baylor, who the Longhorns got blown out by. Both teams are still neck to neck and will meet each other again this Saturday in Austin for the rematch. 

#1 Kansas Jayhawks (21-4, 10-2) (LW: 1)

Kansas continues to pull away with the conference, as they have won four of their last five. They have half of the conference losses as the next closest team to them in the standings and Allen Fieldhouse continues to be a place that opposing teams fear as they are 13-1 at home. The Jayhawks not only will be a favorite to win the conference tournament, but will be one of the favorites to win the NCAA tournament as well.

Photo by Wesley Shoemaker, Blue Gold Sports

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