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Big 12 refs look to crack down on sideline behaviors

Monday brought the first day of Big 12 media days and with that West Virginia made their debut Tuesday morning. One of the topics of this year’s event is the goal of the refs to begin cracking down on coaches’ sideline behaviors during games. In other words, Coach Holgorsen may have to start controlling his temper; for the sake of his headsets and the sake of penalty prevention.

Holgorsen has been known for his notoriously eccentric sideline behavior and his tendency for a short fused temper. In the past, the head coach has been seen repeatedly screaming, using profanity and four-letter words, while throwing his arms about and getting generally more and more aggravated by both playing and play-calling.

With this announcement of refs cracking down on this well-known behavior, many may wonder what this will mean for the mad scientist on the Mountaineer sideline. Coach Holgorsen brought back former coach and current offensive coordinator, as well as one of his longtime friends, Jake Spavital to the staff during this past off-season. Spavital’s return to the team may be the missing piece in calming Holgorsen down. Now that Holgorsen will not be calling plays come fall, he may find himself in a calmer state of mind. Perhaps the talk of reigning in the coaches’ behaviors on the sidelines comes at a time where Holgorsen himself will choose to curtail the temper.

It may just save the team some money in replacement headsets, potential penalties during games and who knows, maybe the head coach will exhibit a more zen-like serenity when it’s third and goal. Tell us, can Coach Holgorsen control his emotions during the games or will he be one that the refs start to crack down on?


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