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Blue Gold Sports Predictions Game Two: Long Island University Sharks

It’s quite safe to say that last Saturday’s season opener for the Mountaineers did not go the way most had hoped. This week, the Mountaineers look to quite literally bounce back versus the Long Island University Sharks and get their first win of the season.

Here’s what the Blue Gold Sports staff thinks:

Ashley O’Brien: It’s safe to say there were just a few bright spots in Saturday’s loss to Maryland and the second half of the game held none. I think this week at home will be a chance for Doege and crew to shake out whatever nerves are still there for the season; especially before playing Virginia Tech and subsequently starting Big 12 conference play. This should realistically be a no-brainer win, but I do think there will be moments that have fans asking “What the heck?” as it is a West Virginia football game. The good guys get it done Saturday at home.

West Virginia 35, Long Island 21

Ethan Bock: West Virginia will open Milan Puskar Stadium for the first time at 100 percent capacity for the first time since 2019. Mountaineers aren’t losing to a Division II school. Saturday will be a great day to get everyone on the team some reps in front of the West Virginia fans. No matter what happens on Saturday, WVU fans will have something to complain about. If the Mountaineers barely win, it will be panic mode. If the Mountaineers blow out Long Island, it won’t be impressive. So, let’s just have fun and watch the Mountaineers get their first win on the season.

West Virginia 45, Long Island 14

Wesley Shoemaker: I think Jarret Doege will have a bounce back game, as there is not a way he can play worse than he did at times last Saturday. I think West Virginia will learn a lot from this Saturday, and learn about their depth as well. Many players will see the field, and it will be a feel good game for Mountaineer fans. The quarterback controversy will not go anywhere, as Garrett Greene will play and I think he will play well. Overall, it will be a fun home opener for the Mountaineers, but fans will turn their attention quickly towards Virginia Tech.

West Virginia 56, Long Island, 13

Hayley Maguire: I think the Moutaineers will make a recovery after their tough loss this past Saturday. It’s the home opener and the fans in the stands are going to be there fully ready to support our Mountaineers after being away for so long. LIU has some strong players but I don’t think their too much of a match for us and this game should go in favor of WVU.

West Virginia 35, Long Island, 14

Quinn Burkitt: Not only is West Virginia coming off an opening weekend of blunders but they are coming home to a full house in Morgantown with the whole state behind them. If Jarret Doege can shake off his jitters from last week and look to make connections through the air I don’t see this being a struggle for the Mountaineers on the scoreboard against a team that surrendered 48 points last week. WVU also knows where they lack on defense, particularly in the secondary where the Maryland offense took advantage last week. If the cornerbacks and safeties can get back on the same page and limit Camden Orth and his opportunities the Mountaineers should be able to handle business.

West Virginia 35, Long Island 10

Carleigh Minor: It’s safe to say that the Mountaineers are excited to have their first home game of the season this Saturday. Moving on from the Mountaineers season-opener against Maryland, I believe we will see a change going into their next game. I think Jarret Doege is going to have a better game this weekend by figuring out how to get more passes down the field. I think that the game is going to be a nail-biter for both teams. LIU has a strong defensive line but I think Doege is going to do well under the support of the Mountaineer fans.

West Virginia 30, Long Island 18

Aaron Parker: I believe the Mountaineers and Jarret Doege will have a bounce back game in the return to 100% capacity at Mountaineer Field. I think Doege will throw a couple of touchdowns to Bryce Ford-Wheaton and Reece Smith and Leddie Brown will find the end zone as well. I think early in the 3rd quarter, Garrett Greene will get a shot and throw for a touchdown and an interception, with some contribution in the rushing game as well.

West Virginia 45, Long Island, 13

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