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Blue Gold Sports Staff Predictions: Baylor Bears

Last week’s road game in Stillwater certainly did not go the way Mountaineer fans wanted, and this week the Mountaineers return back to Morgantown to host the Baylor Bears. Last season’s Thursday night matchup in Waco fell short for the Mountaineers who are looking to prove they’ve made marked improvements since last season.

Ashley O’Brien: Last season the Mountaineers left Waco having just let the win slip out from under their fingers. Darius and Dante Stills received national recognition for beating up on the Bears’ offense. This year, the Mountaineers are coming home after a tough road loss, with the last game in Milan Puskar Stadium fan-less for the season. The Mountaineers have to prove that they are better than last season and not just another “middle of the road” Big 12 team. It will be a tough four quarters, but the Mountaineers tend to perform well in Morgantown against the Baylor Bears.

West Virginia 20, Baylor 17

Shanna Rose: Last week WVU shot themselves in the foot against Oklahoma State. I don’t think the Mountaineers will make that mistake two weeks in a row. Charlie Brewer has had success against WVU in the past but two years ago he struggled at Milan Puskar Stadium. WVU’s defense will give them a chance to win and I think the offense will our score the Bears.

West Virginia 21, Baylor 17

Matthew Thornsbury: West Virginia didn’t have much success on either side of the ball last week. They still seemed like they were getting rid of some rust. This week they’re coming in against a Baylor team that has a new coach, but still seem to be pretty solid all around. I think the big question this week will be will the Mountaineers bring it from the first kickoff or not? This could be another fight like last years game against the Bears. I think West Virginia can bounce back in a home game this week.

West Virginia 31, Baylor 27

Ethan Bock: Last week the Mountaineers beat themselves against Oklahoma State. They should’ve had a better shot at winning that game, but stupid penalties and bonehead mistakes added up throughout the game. Baylor last weekend beat Kansas by 33 points. That was their only game so far this year after two games previously got cancelled. It’s hard to tell how good this Baylor team will be with former LSU defensive coordinator and first-year head coach, Dave Aranda. I think West Virginia has a good shot at winning against Baylor if they limit the non-contact penalties and execute when in the opponents’ territory. If WVU makes the same mistakes on Saturday, expect Baylor to take advantage of that.

West Virginia 20, Baylor 17

Thomas Berdel: As it stands momentum isn’t in West Virginia’s favor this game. As Baylor just won their season opener last week, and West Virginia is coming off a crippling loss from their first Big 12 rivalry game against Oklahoma State. It’s going to be a tough match up, especially given the volatility of the Bears offense. West Virginia is going to have to put it into overtime if they want a shot at winning against the Baylor Bears. 

Baylor 27, West Virginia 24

The Mountaineers kick off in Morgantown Saturday at noon, televised on ABC.

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