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Blue Gold Sports Staff Predictions Game Seven: TCU Horned Frogs

Ashley O’Brien: I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward so much to a bye week as I did last week (maybe in 2013) and this week I plan on clinging to that 2013 overtime win versus TCU. There’s not much cheer and positivity across the fanbase on social media right now, but I’m hopeful another down to the wire nail-biter may restore some faith. The Mountaineers need this win, and they need it badly. They also need the offense to pull their weight and take some pressure off of the defense.

This one comes down to the final possession of the game.

West Virginia 24, TCU 21

Ethan Bock: West Virginia is coming off a bye week, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Neal Brown says the bye week is much needed but his record following a bye week isn’t the best, at 1-4. The Mountaineers are also looking for their first road win since Nov. 2019… at TCU. This game will also determine if the fans quickly shift over to basketball in a few weeks. A lot of importance on this game, for the fans, and for the coaching staff.

TCU’s run game is really good behind sophomores Zach Evans and Kendre Miller. WVU’s defense struggled with the run game two weeks ago against Baylor. If the defense can’t carry the offense once again, WVU will be in trouble.

West Virginia 24, TCU 30

Wesley Shoemaker: I am so close to giving up on this West Virginia team. The Mountaineers have had every opportunity to prove themselves over and over again and this week will be no different. This is officially make or break for West Virginia. They are 0-3 in conference, playing a team they are more than capable of beating. Everyone in the building has said the right thing it is only a matter of whether the play on the field will back it up. I think the Mountaineers will somehow figure out a way to win. This team has too much talent to be 0-4 in conference play. West Virginia will make it close, but I do think Leddie Brown and the run game will finally get going. The Mountaineers find a way to win it, and if they don’t you can say this season is officially a wash.

West Virginia 30, TCU, 28

Carleigh Minor: Moving on from a recent loss West Virginia has to get buckled down and focused if they want to win this next game. The football team had a pretty good start to the season but are currently 0-3 in conference games, which is not okay. Being under the support of the Mountaineers, may help build the team’s confidence but will it be enough? There needs to be something done before it’s too late in the season. I am hoping the football team gets their act under control and can bring home the win on Saturday.

West Virginia 26 TCU 30

Quinn Burkitt: With the Mountaineers traveling to Forth Worth for a mid season tilt with Big 12 foe TCU, the biggest test for the Mountaineers will come in the air game where junior Max Duggan went for a career high 346 passing yards along with four touchdowns last week. TCU currently puts up 232.5 passing yards per game while West Virginia has allowed 248.5 passing yards on average. West Virginia also needs to get the ground game going if they want to pull this one out as the TCU defense’s strength lies in it’s secondary rather than it’s defensive front. Mountaineers pull this one out behind the play of their secondary and the offensive rushing game.

West Virginia 27, TCU 24

Hayley Maguire:

WVU is coming off of a tough three game losing streak. The mountaineer defense continues to show dominance against the run, but pass defense continues to fall short. TCU has a solid offense, one that WVU hasn’t proven to be able to keep up with. TCU will be able to put up the points they need early in the game. TCU has averaged 227.5 yards per game on the ground this season. If WVU defense can put up a good fight, they can stop a potential blow-out, if not things won’t be pretty for the mountaineers. TCU is a dynamic team that’s been running great on all aspects this season. This looks like it could be another Big 12 heartbreaker for the Mountaineers.

West Virginia 17, TCU 35

Aaron Parker: As the Mountaineers head down to Texas for the road matchup against TCU, they’re going to have to bring their A game to come away with a much needed win. I think Max Duggan will play well against WVU this year to make up for his performance last year in Morgantown. I think TCU’s run game will work well against the struggling West Virginia defense. For WVU, I would hope that Leddie Brown and the run game will get going again, but a lot of that depends on the O-line play. I think Jarret Doege will throw for for a touchdown, but throw two interceptions in the process. It’ll be interesting to see if Neal Brown gives any drives to Garrett Greene on Saturday. If he does, I can see Greene getting into the end zone on a read option. Overall, I think the Mountaineers will play well, but come up short behind some big offensive and special teams plays by the Horned Frogs.

West Virginia 21, TCU 24

(Top Photo: Bryan Doughtery)

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