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Blue Gold Sports Staff Predictions: Iowa State Cyclones

The Mountaineers are back in action after two weeks without a live snap of football. West Virginia travels to Ames, Iowa looking for their first (and potentially final) road game win of the season. Winless on the road, the Mountaineers will look to overcome the conference’s true team to beat.

Here’s what our staff thinks will happen:

Ashley O’Brien: West Virginia has not won an away game this season. West Virginia also played horribly in 2018 in Ames (I still cringe). Saying that, Iowa State has been the team to beat and continues to be. The Cyclones are coming home after a beating of Texas that may send Tom Herman packing. I think this game is a true West Virginia nail-biter. After two weeks off, the team is likely healthy and well-rested. I think we see a statement win for Brown and his team, with all three sides of the ball hopefully playing a cohesive 60 minutes of football. This one comes down to the wire

West Virginia 24, Iowa State 21

Shanna Rose: This should be a good game. The Mountaineers are playing as good of football as anyone right now. The Cyclones are in the driver’s seat in the Big 12. This game will go down to the wire.

West Virginia 24, Iowa State 21

Ethan Bock: The game for the Mountaineers this weekend in Ames is high stakes for them. There is one scenario left for WVU to get a Big 12 Title bid, and the one way is starting off beating Iowa State. It seems like the Mountaineers haven’t played in a month, so I can definitely see West Virginia struggle to control the game. The defense never allows a ton of points without the other team earning it, so these 28 points by the Cyclones will be well owned and the defense will still play well. Hopefully the Mountaineers get the big road win that they need, but they’re a totally different team on the road than when they play in Morgantown.

West Virginia 24, Iowa State 28

Matthew Thornsbury: This is a big game. This will probably be the best game we see all season. I noticed a poll a couple of weeks ago. The question? Who had the best defense in the Big 12? Iowa State received the most votes, by a lot. We’re going to find out that answer this weekend. It’s a tough one to gauge for the Mountaineers after having so much time off. They’ll have to play nearly perfect. BUT, I think Neal Brown will have these guys ready to play. I believe our timing will be where it should’ve been earlier in the season. I also think the Cyclones have a tough time getting anywhere on the Mountaineers defense after so much time to prepare.  West Virginia pulls the upset and keeps their title hopes alive. 

West Virginia 27, Iowa State 24

Tom Berdel: Currently the Mountaineers are on an extremely difficult road. Now facing number 9 Iowa State University  and next week battling against the Sooners. There is no end in sight to catch a break. As such however if West Virginia manages to beat both these teams it almost guarantees our spot in a bowl game and to be nationally ranked. My hopes aren’t high for WVU.

West Virginia 30, Iowa State 54

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