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Blue Gold Sports Staff Predictions: Oklahoma State

Check out our staff predictions below:

Ashley O’Brien: The Mountaineers are looking to make up for last year’s close call in Morgantown after the Cowboys struggled against Tulsa last week. This game is not going to be pretty, but I suspect the Mountaineers to find a way to win, with Doege showing just how much he’s learned in the quarterback role during Coach Brown’s second season.

West Virginia 21, Oklahoma State 17

Shanna Rose: Oklahoma State underperformed against Tulsa last week but don’t look for the Cowboys to do so two weeks in a row. Neal Brown’s squad has had 2 weeks to correct the mistakes from their opening game. Saturday will be a true test for the Mountaineers.

West Virginia 28, Oklahoma State 21

Matthew Thornsbury: The Mountaineers gave the Cowboys all they could stand last season. Things are a little different this year, but I think it leans in the right direction for Neal Brown and West Virginia. I believe Brown’s offense was a lot better than many expected against EKU. Mike Gundy and his team had a tough time with Tulsa last week. I believe Oklahoma State is a great team, but I think the Mountaineers are bringing it and shocking a lot of people. If they can slow down the Cowboys running game they can come out of Stillwater with a win. The Mountaineers shock a lot of people (including Mountaineer fans) and pull this one off. 

West Virginia 28, Oklahoma State 17

Ethan Bock: This game against Oklahoma State will be a great test for the Mountaineers to see how they measure themselves against a good team in the Big 12. Last week, Oklahoma State did struggle against Tulsa for most of the game. It will be interesting how Mike Gundy and the OKST coaching staff deal with their quarterback Spencer Sanders and his injury. West Virginia’s offense did look more improved two weeks ago against EKU, but Eastern Kentucky is no Oklahoma St. This is definitely a game WVU can steal from the Cowboys, but Oklahoma State is a really good football team that should compete with Oklahoma and Texas for the Big 12 title.

West Virginia 20, Oklahoma State 24

Thomas Berdel: Oklahoma State has proved to be a worthy contender of the Big 12 just on the past few games of theirs alone. West Virginia University however has one game under their belt this year. As such, WVU is going to finally have a true test of strength this week against a fellow Big 12 member. I’m going to predict the score to be fairly low.

West Virginia 20, Oklahoma State 17

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