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Written by Mark Fought, Data Analyst

It was a relatively light week in the Big 12 with the Christmas holiday and the approaching New Year’s Day holiday.  Only eight games were scheduled and the conference did reasonably well in them, going 7-1.  The lone defeat was Kansas State’s upset at the hands of Texas Southern at home.

Most conference teams have completed the out-of-conference (OOC) portions of their respective schedules and are awaiting the start of Big 12 games or have just one or two OOC games remaining.

The Big 12 continues to lead the nation in average RPI at 57.7.  Other conference average RPIs are found below:

Big 12                    57.70

Big East                 65.90

Big Ten                 75.79

SEC                         78.64

ACC                        87.07

PAC 12                  97.50

It is also interesting to see where the Big 12 teams stand in terms of NCAA Division 1 statistical categories.  Below are categories where a Big 12 team ranks in the Top 10:

Assist-to-Turnover Ratio                               Iowa State          2nd          1.76

Assists per Game                                             Iowa State          3rd           19.4

Blocked Shots per Game                               Texas                    4th           7.4

TCU                        9th           6.5

Defensive Rebounds per Game                    Texas                    2nd          30.38

Oklahoma           4th           29.45

Fewest Personal Fouls per Game                Iowa State          4th           14.2

Fewest Turnovers per Game                        Iowa State          7th           11.0

Field Goal Percentage                                   Iowa State          9th           50.6

Field Goal Percentage Defense                    Texas                    3rd           33.1

TCU                        6th           33.9

Free Throw Attempts                                    Texas Tech          3rd           360

Free Throws Made                                         Texas Tech          5th           241

Offensive Rebounds per Game                     WVU                     1st           18.33

Personal Fouls per Game                             Iowa State          10th         14.2

Rebounding Margin                                       Texas                    2nd          14.5

TCU                        6th           10.9

Scoring Defense                                               TCU                        6th           53.2

Scoring Margin                                                TCU                        6th           22.0

Scoring Offense                                               Iowa State          10th         84.6

Steals per Game                                               WVU                     1st           13.3

Okla. State          8th           10.0

3-Point Field Goal Defense                          Baylor                   7th           26.6

Total Blocked Shots                                        Texas                    2nd          96

TCU                        6th           85

Total Rebounds                                               Texas                    5th           571

Total Rebounds per Game                           Texas                    4th           43.92

Total Steals                                                      WVU                     2nd          159

Turnover Margin                                            WVU                     1st           11.2

It is interesting to note that every Big 12 school is in the Top 10 in at least one statistical category .  .  . except the Kansas schools.  While KSU is struggling at 7-5 and just lost at home to Texas Southern, the lack of the Kansas Jayhawks showing up in at least one category is a bit surprising.

There are also some trends that can be gleaned from these statistics.  Iowa State is proving to be a disciplined team offensively, with high marks in the categories of scoring offense, assists-to-turnovers ratio, assists per game and field goal percentage, along with fewest turnovers.  Somewhat surprisingly, that discipline isn’t translating on defense, as ISU is in the Top 10 in personal fouls per game – a statistic head coach Fred Hoiberg would love to see disappear.

Texas and TCU are separating themselves as rebounding wizards.  The tall front lines of those two schools make it difficult to get second chance scoring opportunities.  An interesting development to watch is whether TCU’s numbers, which have been built on a relatively weak OOC schedule, will hold up throughout Big 12 play.

Texas Tech’s free throw shooting prowess is something many Big 12 fans may not be aware of, but good free throw shooting may help TTU get a few conference wins in tight games that go down to the wire and are decided on foul shooting.

Baylor presents a stingy three-point shooting defense, so teams had better not get too far behind the Bears and be forced to jack up treys in an attempt to catch up.

West Virginia is becoming known as “Press Virginia” with its relentless, game-long, full court pressure defense.  That defense is creating steals aplenty for the Mountaineers and with a relatively deep bench West Virginia may simply wear out Big 12 opponents late in games and pull away at the end of some conference tilts.

As conference play is about to get started it will be interesting to see how these trends hold up and how these statistics provide indicators of how the conference teams will fare.  The preliminaries are almost over.  Big 12 conference play is about to begin!

Below is this week’s Big 12 Hoops Report.  Happy New Year to Big 12 hoops fans everywhere from all of us at BlueGoldSports!

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