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Bob Huggins Talks Matchup With Baylor

On Monday morning, WVU coach Bob Huggins spoke with the media via zoom about the matchup with No. 3 Baylor on Tuesday night.

Tomorrow’s game in Morgantown, West Virginia, will be the third game back for Baylor after a three-week-long COVID pause in the program. The Bears beat Iowa State (77-72) and lost to Kansas (71-58). Huggins knows he will still get the best out of Baylor.

“It’s a great weapon (Baylor’s three-point shooting),” Huggins said. “They’re going to bring a four-man and who shoots it as well as the guards do. We’ve got to guard them, I think we are well aware of that.”

Almost every team in the country has dealt with some break in their season due to COVID. It’s almost impossible to avoid, even if you’re not causing the postponements. In January, WVU had their own problems with COVID but Huggins says it was nothing like Baylor’s break.

“Our situation was totally different than theirs,” Huggins said. “They were what, 20 days or something like that? You know, we were seven or eight, somewhere in there and really the biggest that happened to us was he had a guy (Emmitt Matthews) who had lost 20 pounds.”

“I can’t imagine what they went through with 20 days. I know our guys went absolutely crazy. They went absolutely nuts. They’d been trying to sneak in the practice facility or they’d go out on a playground and shoot. It would drive them insane to go 20 days and not touch a ball,” Huggins added.

It feels like years ago now, but Baylor’s last game at the WVU Coliseum was a great game, with the Mountaineers upsetting the Bears on senior day, 76-64. Huggins recently had rewatched that game.

“I went back and watched our game last year and it was a great game. It was great matchups, and I would assume that it’ll be the same this time around. There’s a lot and justifiably so set about their guards, but our guards are pretty good too,” Huggins said.

On Saturday against Kansas State, Huggins picked up career win No. 898. Huggins has a great chance of hitting No. 900 this week, as the Mountaineers play three home games.

“I don’t think about it. I don’t really pay any attention,” Huggins said. “It’s hard when you turn on the TV and you see Roy (Williams) is going for his 900th. Roy and I are friends, I’m happy for Roy. I have the utmost respect for coach (Bob) Knight and we coached against each other more than three times.”

“I’ve been blessed, man, I’ve been blessed,” Huggins added.

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