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Bracketology Update: Lunardi Drops WVU

In the latest Bracketology post by ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, West Virginia has a new region and a new seed line.

Region 2:

  1. Baylor / 16. Play-In Game
  2. Ohio State / 15. Louisiana
  3. Tennessee / 14. Grand Canyon
  4. Wisconsin / 13. UAB
  5. West Virginia / 12. Toledo
  6. Virginia Tech / 11. Indiana
  7. USC / 10. Loyola-Chicago
  8. Xavier / 9. BYU

As of Feb. 2, I agree with Lunardi’s prediction on WVU. The Mountaineers are a very good team, but they are a very unpredictable squad. They could either lose first round or make a big run.

WVU needs to GET OUT of the 5-seed range. They either need to move up or down. I don’t care if they have to move down to avoid the haunting 5/12 first-round matchup.

This predicted region in particular is very interesting. Ohio State, Tennessee and Wisconsin are all very good teams, but I would have confidence in WVU beating them. I also would avoid mid-major teams like Loyola-Chicago, Toledo and UAB.

The Mountaineers are almost in a must-win scenario this week. They absolutely cannot lose tonight to Iowa State. Also, welcoming a struggling Kansas team to Morgantown this weekend should be a “W” in the record books.

Big 12 Seeds

  • Baylor – 1 Seed
  • Texas – 2 Seed
  • Oklahoma – 4 Seed
  • Texas Tech – 4 Seed
  • Kansas – 5 Seed
  • West Virginia – 5 Seed
  • Oklahoma State – 7 Seed

We are looking at the seven Big 12 teams that will make the NCAA Tournament (unless a crazy losing streak occurs). Seeding the Big 12 teams will be tough because of the competition in the league. Kansas and West Virginia have taken a hit, while Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State have risen in the seedings.

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