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Brown says WVU is disappointed from Saturday, focus is now towards LIU

As West Virginia prepares to face Long Island University on Saturday, head coach Neal Brown recapped what he liked and did not like from the Maryland game as well as what he thinks of this week’s matchup against LIU.

Appreciation of support from Saturday

Brown opened his remarks, thanking the fans for their support over the weekend. Brown said he felt they made the game a great college football atmosphere, and could feel their energy throughout the game.

“I really appreciate our fans who made the trip. Our band, spirit squad created a great atmosphere. I thought on our sideline it was really a big time college football atmosphere something we’ve been missing. And it’s painful for all of us here that we couldn’t deliver.”

Pregame festivities for game against LIU

Brown said this Saturday’s game will honor the 2020 seniors who never got a senior day, as well as heroes day, for first responders, as the game will be played on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

QB Jarret Doege’s Performance

Quarterback Jarret Doege was faced with a lot of criticism from fans after his performance on Saturday. Brown thought Doege made a few mistakes, but also played well at times, and it is about becoming more consistent.

“He had 12 bad plays,” Brown said. “He’s got eliminate the negative plays and he’s got to be able to move up in the pocket.” As for his second interception, Brown said he still believes it was a fluke play by the defense. “The second interception was a fluke play and I said it after the game and it was even more fluke after watching it on film. Zero blitz, pretty good ball—maybe hung it a little bit, but it was really the kid just came off, and he probably shouldn’t have. He got away with one.”

Thoughts on defense vs Maryland

At times on Saturday, the West Virginia defense showed the growing pains that come with a younger unit than last season, and Brown felt like his defense showed at times the ability to play to the standard they are capable of.

“Defensively we didn’t play to the standard that we’ve created over the last year and a half,” Brown said. “I thought the third quarter we played like we’re capable of. That was only quarter but in the third quarter I felt like we played like we’re capable of. We handled sudden change well.”

Injury Updates:

Brown said he Mike O’Laughlin is still working to come back and will hopefully be back next week for Virginia Tech. Brown said he hopes Tony Mathis will be good to go this week.

LIU Preview

Brown said the LIU has many players that will be hard to defend against for Long Island, and he expects to see multiple looks from them offensively, and they are dangerous on special teams.

“Offensively they’re multiple, similar to what Maryland was on Saturday, they’re going to give us a lot of misdirection screens. They got a couple of really, you know guys that that are gonna belong in the receivers really talented. He had a couple big balls on FIU last week.”

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