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Bryce Ford-Wheaton is Comfortable With Anything

Bryce Ford-Wheaton is a big part of the Mountaineer offensive core. The redshirt junior played in a big way this past Saturday against Virginia Tech, making an incredible catch to score the Mountaineers second touchdown in the first quarter.

Ford-Wheaton met with the media on Tuesday to talk about some of his standout plays from this past Saturday, and the challenges the Mountaineers may face going into this weekends game against Oklahoma.

“It’s pain and discipline or pain and regret, so I didn’t want to be that guy who was loafing on the field and possibly give up a game winning touchdown or something like that,” Ford-Wheaton said.

Ford-Wheaton has made his name known in the past two seasons. His redshirt freshman year is when we really added some depth as a receiver.

That year, he saw action on 254 plays, including 222 offensive snaps. Ford-Wheaton finished this season with 12 catches for 201 yards and two touchdowns with a long reception of 50 yards.

During the 2020 season, Ford-Wheaton started all nine games at wide receiver. He finished with a career-high six catches for 55 yards at Texas. He was offensive player of the week against Kansas. Ford-Wheaton was also the recipient of the Iron Mountaineer Award.

“Never get too high on anything and never get too low on things too, like when you score a touchdown it’s easy to get too high and celebrate and all that, but the game isn’t over,” Ford-Wheaton said.

Ford-Wheaton has come a long way and is comfortable now as one of the more experienced players for the Mountaineers. He’s come a long way and he is showcasing a lot of talent.

(Top Photo: Ben Queen)

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