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Bush gives ‘spark’ to WVU offense

MARTINSBURG — Junior wide receiver Tevin Bush said he has been ready to step on the football field with his teammates since day one of camp. Bush showed his eagerness by giving WVU the edge for Saturday’s victory.

“I was ready last week to tell you the truth. I was ready to give my team a spark plug and just was ready to play from day one,” Bush said. “First day of camp I was ready to play with these guys.”

After a sluggish first half, Bush sparked WVU’s offense with the 41-yard catch and run on the first play out of the locker room.

“Coach Brown came into halftime telling us he believes in us and knows we were going to come out with this win so we played like that,” Bush explained.

He added that coaches have installed in his brain to use his speed.

“I really appreciate them for telling me that,” Bush said.

Tevin Bush, 14, goes in motion Saturday during WVU’s win over JMU. (BGS photo by Shanna Rose.)

Following the win, Coach Neil Brown said they need to figure out ways to get Bush the ball more.

“I think the first play Tevin had was the play that won the game. He stayed inbounds,” Brown said. “We have to figure out a way to get him the ball more. He didn’t have enough touches. We called about 10 to 12 plays for him, but I think he had in the four to five touch range. But he is electric. We have to get him more consistent but I thought that play was as big as we had in the ball game.”

Bush again showed his abilities when he scored what wound up being the game winning touchdown on a 22-yard pass from Austin Kendall.

“We prep ourselves every week for these types of moments and that is what we do. We are ready to make these big plays,” Bush said following Saturday’s game.

Bush credited these plays to his teammates.

“Honestly, Sean Ryan had a great block and Alec Sinkfield had a great block so those guys get the credit,” Bush said.

Bush, 14, lines up at the line of scrimmage Saturday against JMU. (BGS photo by Shanna Rose.)

He also credited his touchdown to a “great throw” by Kendall and stated he was “ready to catch it.”

“(With) me and my height, a ball like that is hard for a defender to play so I just waited for it to come and caught it at the bottom where I am already low center of gravity,” Bush said.

Although he maybe small at five-foot-six, 166 pounds Bush said he is big bodied by heart.

Bush ended Saturday’s game with four receptions for 74 yards and one touchdown.

Cover Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS

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