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Chris Beard Embarrassed That Bob Huggins Is Not In Hall of Fame

Last week, Texas Tech men’s basketball coach Chris Beard appeared on The DC Coaches Basketball Podcast, following the loss to West Virginia.

The 2019 AP Coach of the Year had a lot of praise towards the WVU basketball program and coach Huggins.

“It started five years ago when we (Beard and his staff) came to this league, our first goal was just to kind of belong in the room,” Beard said. “Whenever you’re playing against a coach Huggs’ team, you want to hold your own, you want to earn that respect on the other end.”

Coach Beard was asked about Huggins not being in the hall of fame, despite almost having eclipsed 900 wins. This was Beard’s answer.

“There are so many things that we are proud of to be apart of college basketball, proud of how it can change lives, proud how it can change family’s lives and graduation Saturday; just so many good things about our game. But then on the other hand there’s some things, sometimes where you just kind of puzzled and almost embarrassed to be apart of the game,” Beard said.

“Not sure why no-brainers like a Bob Huggins being in the hall of fame haven’t happened, but it’s almost kind of embarrassing to me,” Beard added.

Huggins is up for nomination again this April when the 2021 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame candidates are announced. Let’s get a deserving coach Huggins into the hall this year!

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