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Coach Brown drops in on The Pat McAfee Show

Morgantown, W.VA. – A year and a half into his time in Morgantown and head coach Neal Brown has without a doubt ingratiated himself into the hearts of Mountaineer fans and players past and present. Yesterday, Brown had a quick chat with Pro Bowler Pat McAfee on his daily live show.

Brown’s interview takes place at the 1:12:16 mark below:

It has been well-documented that past players have not always felt the most welcome coming back to Morgantown, but now Brown has managed to essentially reverse that feeling in a short period of time. During the interview, Brown invited McAfee back to Morgantown to sing a round of post-victory “Country Roads” and the interaction was truly a delight. McAfee and his crew took to singing, and the host then asked Brown a question none saw coming.

McAfee asked Brown if all the Morgantown bars still played the anthem at midnight. Laughingly, Brown replied “I’m going to assume yes, but listen, you don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to.”

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