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Coach Brown’s Corner: Mountaineers have a huge challenge ahead in Austin

Morgantown, W.VA. – The Mountaineers head football coach addressed the media on Election Day via Zoom on the heels of the upset over Kansas State. On Halloween, the Mountaineers took down ranked Kansas State for the fifth year in a row, and now are head first into their next big challenge: the Texas Longhorns.

Coach Brown started the conference out encouraging everyone to vote prior to briefly discussing the win over the Wildcats. “The win on Halloween and celebrating with the family was a good Saturday,” Brown said. The head coach announced several team award winner for the home win and highlighted the team’s ability to have punt coverage as a bright spot.

Brown was asked about the big game several days away, and whether or not he considers the Longhorns to be a rival team, “We’re excited to play Texas…I don’t necessarily believe it’s a rivalry game . . . it’s a Big 12 game which means it’s important,” Brown said. “You better be ready to play every week.”

Going on, Brown highlighted that he considers his team to have more regional rivals as opposed to in the conference. Brown knows that this week’s game versus Texas is about to be a huge challenge for his team, noting that the Longhorns have already played a lot of extremely talented teams going into the last month of football.

The Longhorns wide receivers what Brown considers to be one of the biggest challenges his defense has seen this season, considering them to be “An extremely talented team that plays their best football at home.”

The Mountaineers will kick off against the Longhorns on Saturday in Austin, with an 11am CT/12pm ET on ABC.

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