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Coach Brown’s message speaks loudly: Be a Light

Morgantown, W.VA. – Over the weekend, the United States was home to hurt, anger, inequality and an extreme amount of sadness as a result of the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. Floyd’s murder set off a large chain of peaceful protests and unfortunately an array of violence, riots and looting. It is best to view here for lawyer information.

Every single person has a right to peacefully protest. Every single person has a right to use their voice and to have an opinion. And we do not have to agree. But as Americans and ultimately as humans, we do have to respect one another and we do have to make an effort to be kind to one another and to good. What you put out in the world comes back .

On Saturday evening, before the sun went down and many cities (including the city I call home, just a few miles from where I live) had riots, violence, destruction and looting, West Virginia’s head football coach Neal Brown took to Twitter to shed light on how we can do better.

Brown took country music star Thomas Rhett’s song Be A Light and highlighted its lyrics as a message for first himself, then his family, his players and his fans and followers.

Brown’s tweet/message can be found below.

It will not go unsaid, but here at Blue Gold Sports we feel that every person is a person and has the same rights, regardless of any race, ethnicity, color. We believe in our Constitutional rights and we pray that by continuing to love one another and put good into the world, we can do our part to be kind and good, and to ultimately be a light.

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