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Coach Carey and women’s hoops team adjusting to new days

Morgantown, W.VA. – West Virginia women’s head basketball Coach Mike Carey met members of the media Monday morning via Zoom from his house, much like many of the West Virginia coaches have been doing the past several weeks.

Coach Carey and his team were in Kansas City, Missouri over a month ago, heading to the arena when the sports world came to a screeching halt and the Big 12 tournaments were effectively canceled.

“It was kinda scary, it was kinda sad but I thought the Big 12 administration handled it really well.”

Coach Carey and his team have since dispersed and gone to their respective homes, with three players staying in their apartments in Morgantown. Like many of the other coaches who have met with the media via Zoom, the women’s basketball team has been given workouts to do at home and have had a few team Zoom meetings.

“We send workouts, so hopefully they are doing them. Everyone is ready to come back and when that time comes, we’ll get them ready.”

Coach Carey’s team will bring seven new players to its roster for the 2020-2021 season, a challenge that they will have to face and hopefully overcome quickly when the team is finally able to meet in person.

Carey felt his team was trending upward as the tournament started, they were shooting and player better than they had during the middle of the season and had been excited to see what March would bring. The women’s basketball team ended the season with a 17-12 record and will look to make up for lost time come the start of the upcoming season.

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