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Coach Holgorsen prepares the Mountaineers for bowl game

Coach Holgorsen addressed the media Friday afternoon in preparation for West Virginia’s appearance in the Russell Athletic Bowl versus the Miami Hurricanes. As he as done all season, Coach Holgorsen is preparing his team for the task at hand, and making sure the focus and priority is beating a very social media-active Hurricanes team.

Holgorsen began Friday’s conference by pointing out the excitement around the team for both that day’s graduation ceremonies and the bowl game itself, as the head coach has not addressed the media since prior to the Baylor game. “I consider Orlando one to the top, probably two or three, bowl destinations that exist. I know WVU has been down there before. I have been down there one other time but it’s a good spot. I said that last year in regards to Scottsdale but Scottsdale and Orlando just from a weather perspective, resort style hotels, lot of things to do makes for a good bowl game and then you couple it with a great opponent Miami, it gives you a lot to practice for, it gives you a lot to play for, so a lot of excitement around here when it comes to that.”

As the Coach does, he stressed on Friday that the Miami game will be a tough match-up and that bowl preparations are all about staying in the team’s routine. “Bowl game 101 is about wanting to be in the game, not necessarily being prepared to play in the game, because you have enough time to get prepared but wanting to be in that game and I think this sets up to where both teams want to be there and both teams are going to play really well. Miami is a damn good football team.”

Miami football has been a very well-known program, combining that with Coach Mark Richt’s first season as head coach and they have been a team to watch, despite their record. “Coach Richt has been one of my coaching idols for a long time just the success that he had when he was at Georgia and then really goes back to the success that he had when he was at Florida State, just always watched what he did.” Coach Holgorsen always speaks highly of the opponent’s head coach but stating that he is going up against a professional idol of his adds to the intensity of the bowl game.

Miami will be a big challenge for the Mountaineers as they attempt to get their 11th win of the season. On offense, Coach Holgorsen pointed out that the Hurricanes never turn the ball over and are capable of scoring at any time. They will be a big challenge for Coach Gibson’s defense from the start of the game.

“Special teams, we have to really, really pay attention to what’s going on special teams wise. The one thing that stands out about them more than anything is they block a ton of kicks, they come after everything whether it’s PAT field goal, whether it’s punt they come after it, and they get there quick, so we got to pay attention to the blocking of kicks aspect of things.”

Coach Holgorsen sounded prepared and excited to take on the Hurricanes on December 28 in Orlando. There has been plenty of hype across social media regarding the game, so it is likely the the Mountaineers are especially hyped up. As the team travels to Orlando and has the opportunity to get win number 11, Coach Holgorsen and Mountaineer fans across the country will look forward to hearing “Country Roads” one last time for the 2016 season.

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