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Coach Huggins says NFL Commish should honor Barstool’s Portnoy’s winning bid

Amidst celebrating his graduating players on Twitter, basketball head coach Bob Huggins also took to his Twitter account to say hey to his friends over at Barstool Sports. What started as a little back and forth over Big 12 sports turned into the future Hall of Fame coach tweeting to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the results of a charity auction Barstool President Dave Portnoy won.

The initial interaction came from Huggins tweeting one of the Barstool guys about his team’s matchup on NCAA Football ’14. If you’re not on Twitter much, you may have missed Barstool’s Big Cat (Dan Katz) has been playing a lot of the video game NCAA Football ’14. Katz’s team of choice during the shelter-in-place orders has been West Virginia’s Big 12 foe Texas Tech. The video game matchup for the weekend was none other than the Mountaineers.

We all know that at a time when sports are not happening, fans (myself included) will essentially grab the tailgate snacks and watch anything sports related. What started as a little back and forth between Katz and Huggins about a video game led to Huggins asking Portnoy if Goodell had replied to his winning auction bid. The charity auction, with proceeds going to those affected by COVID-19, was for the winner to watch an NFL game with Goodell in his man cave, a location that was much-talked about after April’s 2020 NFL Draft.

Katz’s video game was not going the way of the Mountaineers coach at virtual halftime and it seemed per Twitter that Huggins was genuinely enjoying his back and forth with Katz.

The tweets back and forth about the video game eventually led to the topic of Portnoy’s winning bid. Apparently the NFL Commissioner has not replied to his winning bid (it goes without saying that Barstool is not always the kindest to Goodell). Huggins asked if there had been a reply, and then proceeded to tweet at Goodell pointing out that he and plenty of fellow basketball big names always keep their word on charity events and appearances.

This tweet was essentially the tweet that got the ball rolling as Huggins started a vast interaction with fellow coaches, Frank Martin and John Calipari to name a few, ultimately leading Huggins and crew to discuss coming to Goodell’s house together. The twitter exchanges were exactly the entertainment needed on a sports-free Saturday.

The tweets from Huggins show a humorous side of the future Hall of Fame coach, especially when he can be known for his court side mannerisms as games aren’t going his way. The Twitter banter eventually led to Huggins calling his crew the dream team, with a fan saying Barstool should make Huggins t-shirts (Huggins agreed) and then in a quick and easy tweet, the coach ended his Twitter back and forth for the evening.

Despite his attempts, it does not seem that Goodell replied to any of the tweets, all of which were surely made in good humor, but the commissioner has not replied yet to the winning charity bid. Huggins does have a point, he honors all of his charity ‘obligations’ and Goodell should do the same.

Regardless of the outcome of Portnoy’s winning auction bid, Mountaineer fans are all likely thankful for a little glimpse into Huggins’s humor.

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