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Coach Huggins Talks Three-Game Road Trip

On Friday morning, WVU basketball coach Bob Huggins spoke with the media about the upcoming three-game road trip to Texas for the next six days.

The Mountaineers (14-6, 7-4 Big 12) will head off to the state of Texas to take on No. 12 Texas (Saturday), TCU (Tuesday) and No. 2 Baylor (Thursday).

The immediate thought of Texas currently would be the concern of safety, as the state has been dealing with crazy weather. The game in Austin tomorrow has not been discussed yet this week about a potiental postponement.

“I think we were planning on playing it the whole time,” Huggins said on Friday morning. “There’s been a lot of issues, you’ve got situations with the plane obviously, you’ve got situations with the hotels. In some cases, I think you have situations with the arenas.”

“They’ve (Texas) got I think pretty much statewide issues with power and water. All kinds of issues. So, I think it’s a situation where it’s just kind of a wait-and-see situation,” Huggins added.

Last week, the Big 12 rescheduled a matchup in Waco, Texas, between WVU and Baylor for next Thursday, Feb. 25. Three road games in-a-row just don’t happen often, especially during conference play.

“Well, I can’t remember the last time we played three-games in six days that wasn’t a pre-conference situation,” Huggins said. “We did that in South Dakota this year, but you know the difference is that the other teams were doing the same thing. We are being asked to play three games in six days, it’s tough.”

With being supporters of college basketball, I think as fans, we don’t think about the small stuff behind the scenes, such as these athletes needing to get the best education. For the next month, the WVU basketball team will be spending a lot of time away from Morgantown, therefore putting their classes in a virtual experience. The Mountaineers will be gone for the next week in Texas, will spend almost a week for the conference tournament and then in Indianapolis for a couple of weeks to bubble.

“There’s a lot of concerns about a lot of things, we’re taking guys out of class for a week. We then have a conference tournament, which they’re out of class and we then have an NCAA Tournament, which they’re out of class. I think that’s a concern,” Huggins expressed.

How was coach Huggins at cramming his workload as a student-athlete at WVU (1974-77)?

“I was magna cum laude good,” Huggins joked. “I was just extremely smart.”

Coach Huggins and his team are scheduled to play No. 12 Texas, in Austin, Texas, on Saturday afternoon. Tipoff will be at 3 p.m. on ABC.

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