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College Athletes take to social media with #WeWantToPlay

Amidst all of the angst and unknown on Sunday night about football in the fall, a bright spot emerged on social media from those who should very much have a say in the fall season. The players. Across the country, college football players from all over the nation, all conferences, took a united stance with the hashtag #WeWantToPlay.

The social media campaign, if you choose to call it that was a site for sore eyes. Clemson’s star quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been vocal in both his desire and his team’s desire to see football happen this fall.

West Virginia’s players were quick to voice their desire to play, as well as highlight the work that goes into making the season possible, even more so given the nature of our nation currently.

While the Power 5 leadership was meeting Sunday evening, a group of college football athletes set to organizing themselves a virtual meeting as well. Just before midnight Sunday night, these athletes used their hashtag presence and a unified voice to share a desire for what they want this fall: uniform health and safety protocols and the option to opt out of the season while maintaining a year of eligibility. In a short few hours, the college football athletes were able to put together something more concrete than the NCAA or the Power 5 conferences have been able to do themselves over the last four to six months.

The overarching theme from players voicing their desires to play is that there has to be a way for the NCAA and the Power 5 conferences to come up with a plan. College football is a billion dollar institution and a contingency plan is something that should have already been in the books, and something that definitely should have been discussed near daily since sports shutting down mid-March.

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