Monday, December 10, 2018

Could Coach Holgorsen learn his most valuable lesson from Coach Huggins?

As awkward as that question sounds to people, there is some madness behind me asking. We all can remember a couple of seasons ago when message boards and water cooler talk was surrounding WVU head coach Bob Huggins and whether or not he was past his prime. Fans were even going as far as asking for Huggins to be fired which was the most extreme topic that was being discussed. Then the duo of Terry Henderson and Eron Harris added more fuel to the already hot fire.

Heading into last season the WVU fans were putting Huggins squarely on the hot seat and then the change was seen. Huggins installed a full court press defense system that would cause drastic chaos to opponents but also led the Mountaineers to the Sweet 16, just a season after fans were asking if Huggins was done. The change has led WVU to a national ranking and now has the national nickname known as “Press Virginia.” Huggins himself has said countless times that he knew a change needed to be made after the Mountaineers NIT loss but he wasn’t sure what until the full court press came to him. The change may have put Huggins outside of his comfort zone but it shows the mark of a good coach.

With all that being said, here is the real question that I ask of you; could Dana Holgorsen take that same mentality into this offseason? Could Holgorsen make a change that might take him out of his comfort zone and maybe put the WVU football program back into the national spotlight?

Everyone knows that Holgorsen is an air raid offense architect and that is what he brought to WVU for. During his first season, his offense caught the Big East by storm and was successful during the first couple seasons in the Big 12. But it now appears that the personnel just isn’t there to run it like it has been in the past, something very similar to the problem that Bob Huggins faced after a couple difficult seasons.

Is it time that Holgorsen learn from Bob Huggins’ pivotal offseason and make the change that transforms the WVU football program back into a balanced offense? As BGS has pointed out before, the WVU football team has been very successful when the rushing attack is peaking but it always seems the team sways back into the air raid offense which hasn’t led to the results that WVU fans have been hoping for.

This offseason will be Holgorsen’s most pivotal one since his time at WVU with the fan base putting him on the hot seat yet again, setting up to be very similar to what Bob Huggins was facing a few seasons ago. The question that needs to be asked is, will coach Holgorsen make the necessary changes this offseason to turn WVU back into the national contender that Mountaineer fans originally expected under the fifth year coach.

Remember the mark of a good coach is going outside your comfort zone to put your team in the best position to win. Just ask Bob Huggins how one change has transformed the WVU basketball team.



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