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Could Geno Smith head to Cleveland?

Week One of the NFL season is now behind us, and one of the biggest stories to come out of the first week is another upsetting one for the Cleveland Browns.

As all football fans know, the Browns have had trouble in the past with injuries, players with issues (looking at you, Money Manziel) and numerous roadblocks and obstacles. The role of quarterback for the Browns has been a tumultuous role over the years and this week Browns were hit with their latest setback. Robert Griffin III has officially been placed on the Browns’ injured reserved list.

How does this relate to WVUPros and Mountaineer fans? Two words: Geno Smith.

That’s right, Geno Smith could be the next option for the Browns. Right now Smith is playing backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets do not have plans to give Smith back his former job of starting quarterback. If anything, Smith is holding a spot for either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg.

While the Browns have a quarterback on the roster in veteran Josh McCown; injuries have hampered him in the past. What the Browns do not need at the moment is another injured or injury-prone quarterback. Saying that, now may be a good time for the Browns to call up the Jets and propose a little trade for healthy and ready to work Geno Smith.

Browns coach Hue Jackson could very easily bring Smith onto the team and have a healthy quarterback who has been patiently waiting to show his skill and leadership on the field again. Smith does not seem to figure into the Jets’ future, and is playing out the final season of his rookie contract. The Jets could look to trade Smith and get some value in return, even if it is a lower round draft pick.

For Smith, coming to an organization that has had many blows and in need of an overall pick-me-up, Smith could possibly be walking into a perfect match.

It is no secret that Smith and the Jets are not seeing eye-to-eye. Smith wants to start, and wants to be a successful quarterback. In a season already marred with injury, just look at Tony Romo and Teddy Bridgewater in the preseason, the Browns are going to ultimately be in need of a quarterback to add to the team. Why not take arguably the most prepared backup quarterback in the league right now?

Trading the Jets for Geno Smith would bring the Browns a quarterback who has done a great job of getting to know the game of football. Smith has studied the game for years, including when he was out recovering from the infamous jaw surgery last fall. Since Smith is healthy and in condition to start, he could easily be the next best thing for the already troubled Browns early in the season.

With the season having just started, there are sure to be more injuries and roster shifts throughout the next several months. For the Browns, starting the season off with an injured quarterback is devastating, but they do have one big option to fill that role.

For Smith, maybe a change of scenery is just what he needs to show he has what it takes. Smith could go from backing up Fitzpatrick to starting quarterback in Cleveland in just a matter of time, and it may be just what Smith needs to finally shine.

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