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Could Tavon Austin become key offensive leader for the Rams?

Tavon Austin is going into his contract season with the newly transplanted Los Angeles Rams. For the receiver, this is the year to shine.

This is the year for Austin to highlight the speed, agility and accuracy he brought to the Mountaineers every Saturday in college. As the Rams have had periods of struggle on the offense, Austin looks to emerge as one of the key offensive leaders going into the upcoming season.

Austin is one of the main receivers for the Rams, alongside Kenny Britt. This duo saw the emergence of running back Todd Gurley last season and since then, the Rams offense has been on an upswing. Now is the time for a leader to help carry the offense to success. With (another) new quarterback at the helm, there needs to be a seasoned leader, and Austin, who has been with the Rams organization since his 2013 rookie season, looks just like the man for the job.

Austin and teammate Britt pose a huge threat for opposing teams. While Britt has a longer time span in the NFL, Austin is known as a dynamic play-maker on the field.

Take for example Austin’s rookie season against the Colts, where the wide receiver racked up 310 yards, averaged 52 yards per touch and became the first NFL rookie having a punt return of at least 95 yards combined with a receiving touchdown of at least 55 yards. In one game. Even in his rookie season. Austin, in and of himself, has been a play-maker.

Having said this, the Rams need this ‘veteran’ play-maker to not only continue to find routes to make big plays and amass great amounts of yards, but to lead as well. The Rams picked up more young wide receivers this year, in an attempt to help pad the offense and give rookie QB Jared Goff some more target to throw to other than Austin and Britt.

Since there are new receivers on the team, Austin has the opportunity to not only continue to rack up numbers, touchdowns and yards but to also lead the incoming teammates and show them how to work towards success.

There have only been a handle of pre-season games thus far this August, and these games are not exactly the best way to determine how one will play during the regular season, but it is safe to say Austin has worked hard in the off-season.

Now that he has his feet under him and knows the way of the NFL, Austin can emerge as not only a key member of the Rams offense but one of the offensive leaders, being a teammate that can be looked to by both new receivers and a rookie quarterback as well.

Austin is capable of showing not only his teammates but Rams and Mountaineer fans that hard work, does indeed, pay off.

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