Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daryl Worley was almost drafted by _____?

In the 2016 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers traded up to grab WVU corner Daryl Worley. Today, we learned that another team who drafted just after the Panthers had him penciled in as their next pick.

Panthers’ GM Dave Gettleman appeared on The Mac Attack on WFNZ 610 in Charlotte, NC on Friday morning to discuss the defending NFC champs draft. Of the many topics that arose during the conversation was the drafting of Worley in the third round with the 77th overall selection. They traded up from the 93rd pick to do so. Why? GettlemanĀ had an inkling that another team was going to draft Worley before their pick.

At that point, Gettleman said that Worley was the top player on their draft board.

The Panthers made the pick, and a few minutes later, Gettleman got a text message from the team selecting two picks behind them (#79), saying that they were going to take Worley with their pick.

That team? The Philadelphia Eagles.

Before the draft, Worley traveled to several teams in the league to workout and interview. One of those teams was Philadelphia.

The Panthers the selected two more corners (James Bradberry and Zack Sanchez) to compete to start at corner with All-Pro Josh Norman now in Washington. Headed into camp, the favorite to start is Worley.



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