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Decision Time at WVU for Holgorsen And Staff

Many have questioned the hiring of Bruce Tall to the WVU defensive staff and what that means for the remaining coaches. Tall will reportedly be coaching the defensive line, a position coached by Tom Bradley this past season. Bradley’s responsibilities reached far beyond coaching the defensive line though, meaning a transition to another position would be easily accomplished.

This also gives WVU 6 coaches on the defensive side of the ball with only 3 on the offensive side. The problem is simple, the NCAA only allows a head coach to have 9 assistants. With no QB coach and no offensive coordinator this presents Holgorsen with a rare problem going into the convention. How does he shuffle the staff?

Right now there is only one coach on the staff who has yet to sign a contract extension, special teams coordinator and safeties coach Joe DeForest. It has been reported that DeForest has a one year offer on the table that includes a reduction in pay. However, as we learned last week that extension has yet to be signed.

It has been reported by that DeForest may very well be looking for a new job at the convention this week. However, if DeForest were not to leave that does not necessarily mean the staff is going to be defense heavy.

There is one defensive coach currently on staff that does have offensive experience, Damon Cogdell. Cogdell, who was also a defensive line coach this past season, is the former head coach at Miramar High School in Florida. Though it was at the high school level, Cogdell has produced many division 1 prospects on the offensive side of the ball. The easiest transition for Cogdell would be to coach the offensive line, which is currently held by Ron Crook.

There are multiple ways Holgorsen can reorganize the staff to include taking on more offensive responsibility himself. It is now no secret that Holgorsen makes most of the offensive decisions on game days so it would not be far fetched for Holgorsen to assume the OC.

However, that still leaves a QB coach position which could be filled by either Seider or Galloway, both of which just signed new multiple year extensions. Holgorsen could also promote either Seider or Gallway to OC leaving only the QB coach position open, something Holgorsen himself could handle. Holgorsen could also make no changes at all, requiring him to take on more roles above and beyond the head coach.

No matter the route Holgorsen chooses, decisions have to be made. Whether that decision is to part ways with a current defensive coach to make room for a new offensive assistant or merely restructuring the current staff remains to be seen.

Having previously stated that he wanted to wait until the coaches convention to make decisions, that time has come.


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