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Despite Howard’s Success Trickett is Still the Starter

Despite a near comeback performance against Kansas St and a win over Iowa State sophomore QB Skyler Howard will remain second on the depth chart going into the bowl season according to WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen.

When asked after the Iowa St game about the QB situation Holgorsen was quick to reinforce his stance that Clint Trickett is still the starter. He further stated that Trickett was not cleared to play Saturday and was the only reason he was not on the field.

Holgorsen has sent mixed signals throughout the season as to his confidence in Trickett. After the TCU game Holgorsen described Trickett as being “spooked” when asked about the offensive production in the second half. Then after the Kansas St game Holgorsen stated that Howard would have the chance to win the starting position the following week in practice. Obviously that last statement was void being as Trickett had suffered a concussion against KSU.

Trickett’s productivity has fallen throughout the midpoint of the season. Many have speculated that opposing coaches have figured out how to stop the WVU offense while others have pointed to play calling and lastly possible injuries to Trickett.

Holgorsen has stood by Trickett this entire season, actually even before the season started. Clint was named the starting QB for the 2014 season before he was even cleared to practice again coming off offseason shoulder surgery. Whether Holgorsen was frustrated by Trickett’s play against KSU or there were other extenuating circumstances it sounds like he will continue to stand behind Trickett as his starter going into the postseason.

The Mountaineers are predicted to get an invitation to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN. versus an SEC opponent.

Jeremy Simon
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