Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Discussion with KU Sports Matt Tait on Big 12 Expansion

Charleston, W.Va- ¬†It’s a crazy time in college football, region or location of an institution doesn’t translate to which conference a school will affiliate itself with. It is all about which will bring the best competition, brand, culture, and most importantly, TV market revenue. A look at the money generated and it is easy to see both have made an impact on the college sports world. For instance, last year the Big 12 generated a record 252 million dollars, an estimated 20 million per member. This is why the Big 12 is conducting large amounts of research, to see what will provide the best opportunity to get into the College Football Playoffs, which will mean more games, increased time on prime time television, and a bigger payout for the conference members in the Big 12. If the conference decides to bring in two more teams, the Big 12 will have to make sure it brings in schools with a lucrative TV market, which will ultimately come down to the conference receiving at least the same payout on the current TV contract agreement with ESPN and FOX. TV contracts can be renegotiated, so that shouldn’t be an issue, and if you add a conference championship game, it would be a cherry on top. Still, nothing has been decided this week at the Big 12’s Fiesta Summit Spring meetings, however, I was able to speak with Matt Tait, Lawrence Journal and KU Sports, and find out what he has heard about the Big 12 expansion plans.¬†Listen to the full interview below and check out The Brandon Lowe Show weekday evenings at 5 on AM 950 WBES Charleston.



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