Doc Holliday and Rich Rodriguez now have something else in common

Marshall University head coach Doc Holliday and Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez now have something else in common beyond coaching at WVU and their current schools are making it clear that they will pay if they choose to go back.

Just like Rodriguez back in May, Holliday signed a contract extension with his current school today. And just like Rodriguez, Holliday’s buyout goes up substantially if he chooses to leave Marshall and return to WVU before the end of his contract. The glaring difference is that Rodriguez’s contract doubled if he chose to return to Morgantown. However, Hollidays’ would quintuple. Doc’s current buyout is set at $600,000. But a return to the gold n blue would cost him $3 million.

It seems that our motto, “Once a Mountaineer Always a Mountaineer” is something everyone pays attention to, even if the possibility of either coming back is slim to none. Holliday, a WV native, had two different coaching stints at WVU from 1979-1999 and again from 2008-2009.

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