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Double Over Time Ends With Scoreless Draw

In the third overtime contest of the season, the No. 18-ranked West Virginia University women’s soccer team played into a double-overtime that resulted in a draw. The game was played in Austin, Texas at the Mike A. Myers Stadium and Soccer Field late Thursday Evening.

The Mountaineers (9-4-3) were able to take the upper hand on corner kicks for the game. WVU created four corner kick opportunities during the vigorous game, but couldn’t seem to find the back of the net.

“I am super proud of how everyone gave 100% effort tonight to get a positive result against a good Texas team on the road,” WVU coach Nikki Izzo-Brown said. “It started with Kayza doing her job exceedingly well, then all the way to the offense testing UT on the other end. From kickoff to the final whistle, it was a total team effort tonight.”

The Mountaineer offense put up a tough challenge against Longhorn goalkeeper Savannah Madden, as they made sure to keep their efforts into double overtime. Junior midfielder Maya McCutcheon started the game off strong leading WVU with four shots, while Lilly McCarthy was able to get three on the frame. Unfortunately, the offense couldn’t find the back of the net leaving the score 0-0.

During the first half, both teams were neck to neck giving it all they could. Sophomore forward/midfielder Aj Rodriguez fired the first shot of the game but wasn’t enough against UT’s defensive line. WVU had an amazing breakthrough during the 40th minute when McCutcheon had a shot blocked. Heredia-Beltran found sophomore midfielder Chloe Adler, who made a quick pass to midfielder Aaliyah Scott, but her promising shot was wide.

WVU goalkeeper Kayza Massey was able to show off her quick skills while in goal on Thursday evening. Right before the end of the period, Texas forward Trinity Byars made an attack toward the goal, but Massey made her first huge save of the night. Massey was able to quickly slide saving the ball from reaching the back of the next. Massey was able to block off a total of 7 shots made by Texas.

During the second half, Heredia-Beltran had a promising break with a ball that could reach the back of the net but was pushed away by Madden. The second half went very similar to the first.

In the first overtime period, Massey was putting in the work for her team. The Mountaineers goalkeeper made a trio of saves in the third period. One of the shots was directed at the frame, but Massey was able to divet tipping the ball out of the goal box. Another shot was placed into motion by UT’s Byars with a long shot, nearly bouncing off Massey’s chest, but she was able to get control of it. Senior midfielder Isabella Sibley was the only WVU player that was able to get a shot on goal, but it was controlled by Madden to send the intense game into double overtime.

In the final 10 minutes in double overtime, the two teams were in search of a goal. The Mountaineers gave two decent shots on goal, but McCutcheon’s attempt went too high. Sibley’s shot was blocked by the UT defense line, which earned WVU their fourth corner of the evening.

Massey’s seven stops against UT marked a new career-best, as she marked the most saves for a WVU goalkeeper since Rylee Foster stopped eight shots on goal at Baylor on Oct. 3, 2019.

Texas (8-3-5) playing their fifth overtime match of the season. Texas fought just as hard team putting them into double overtime. WVU responded well to the intense game and was able to keep Texas from beating them onto the scoreboard.

WVU was able to get an upper hand over Texas very early in the contest. The team was able to beat them in both shots on goal (5-4), although with corner kicks (1-0).

The two teams have played in overtime in two of the last three games. WVU drops to 0-1-3 in overtime games for this season.

The WVU team travels to Waco, Texas where they will be taking on Baylor on Sunday, Oct. 24th. Kickoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET at the Bears’ Betty Lou May Field.

Photo by Dale Sparks, All Pro Photography

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