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EKU on Moving the Ball: What You Need to Know Before Game Day

Redshirt Freshman Running Back Tony Mathis Jr. hammering the ball downfield during a scrimmage.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (September 7, 2020) – Recently Eastern Kentucky faced off against Marshall University. For the duration of the game we see a lot happen on both offense and defense for the soon to be challengers of the Mountaineer football program. Recapping Saturday’s game we see tons of problems with the Colonels defense, and offense. Unable to produce, the Colonels were shutout with an ending score of 59-0.

So what does this mean for game day next Saturday? This should be excellent news for any West Virginia fan, as this defense and offense have shown to be lacking from letting deep passes connect with receivers, to allowing lineman to fall into the trap of moving laterally, creating pockets for the running back and causing the progression of devastating plays. There were mistakes on the Colonels side everywhere, from Marshall calling slants, hooks, posts, you name it; all producing colossal numbers. We also see a lackluster performance from the secondary. With even more errors on the EKU offense. The Colonels wound up with 166 YDS total. While Marshall came up big with a whopping 604 YDS total. 

Eastern Kentucky’s program seems lackluster this year, as the line was collapsing quite often, putting Parker Mckinney (EKU QB1) under a lot of pressure. The secondary was also allowing for big plays to be made by Marshall, causing bombs to be produced. The O-line and D-line were not producing either, whether it’s allowing the running backs to cut through them gaining huge yardage, or allowing too much pressure to be put on the QB. It seems that the Colonels this year came off on the wrong foot and will have no choice but to come back twice as hard against WVU. 

If recent practices and scrimmages are anything to go off of, then WVU is more than ready for taking on their first challenge. Redshirt Junior Jarret Doege was recently named QB1 for the opener against EKU. Doege ended last season as a starter with a record of (2-1). With the work the program has been putting in fans can’t wait for Saturday. Not only for the revival of an American favorite, football, but for the return of the NCAA athletics.

Sophomore Wide Receiver Winston-Wright-Jr. making the connection.

Cover Photo Credit: Ben Queen, USA Today Sports

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