Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Elijah Wellman – Toughness at its Finest

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. –      “I’m a tougher guy,” said Wellman.

If you go back in time and look through Wellman’s high school athletics resume, you’d be blown away. An All-Stater in both football and baseball and a Sam Huff Award recipient out of Spring Valley High School in Huntington, W.Va., Wellman decided to bring his toughness to West Virginia University back in 2013.

The potential is there, but setting yourself apart from the plethora of talented guys Dana Holgersen brings in each year can be a challenge within itself.

“I like some contact. I like to stick my nose in there, get a good block for the guys, or if we need a few yards, I’ll put my head down and get a couple for the first down,” Wellman said, describing his personal mentality on the field.

In 2014-15 as a redshirt freshman, Wellman played in 12 games where he saw action on over 200 plays, most of which were on the Mountaineer offense. On a team with a stacked running-back rotation, just getting into the game can be difficult. For Wellman, his unselfish attitude has allowed him to thrive as both a teammate and an athlete.

“No, not at all,” Wellman said when asked if it’s hard to gage where his playing time derives compared to others. “I feel like that would be kinda selfish of me, which is not the case at all. I mean, I’m doing what I can for the team and whatever they have me doing, that’s what I’m gonna do. If the coach tells me to do something, I’m gonna do it to the best of my ability and that’s what I’m here to do.”

“My purpose on the team is to do whatever they want me to do,” he added.

Wellman, with a 6-foot-2 stature weighing in at 232 pounds, believes he’ll see most of his playing time occur when the Mountaineers need a boasting blocker in the back field.

“Blocking more or short yardage. Maybe if they need me to get a couple more yards or so,” is where Wellman pictures himself being utilized this season.

Wellman finished off the 2014-15 season with just two rushes and four catches, hauling in a single touchdown. Don’t count Wellman out, though, as a crucial play-maker for West Virginia now that he’s got experience in one of the best backfields in college football. You can expect to see Wellman playing both fullback and tight end in 2015-16.

“It’s still the same goals; do my job and be who I am and not try to be somebody else,” said Wellman.





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