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Emphasis Still On WVU Receiving Corp

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When WVU released their updated depth chart last week many assumed the lack of a fourth receiver insinuated an emphasis on the running game this season. However, wide receiver coach Lonnie Galloway reiterated the fact that the Mountaineers are still working to field four receivers.

“We will line two guys up on the outside, and hopefully, we’ll have four guys soon, so we can go two and two,” Galloway said when asked what is left to be accomplished before the Georgia Southern game.

As of now the depth chart shows Ka’Raun White, Daikiel Shorts, and KJ Myers starting at the receiver positions. Galloway made it a point to emphasize a key word in the depth chart though, “I’m sure you saw the depth chart a couple weeks ago and how it said ‘or,’ but we will have someone that goes out there.

“We have to solidify who’s going to start. Time and chemistry are something that you can’t have enough of.”

Newcomers Jovon Durante, Gary Jennings and Ka’Raun White are all showing a competitive edge that will result in playing time this coming season. However, with still two weeks to prepare for the start of the season there is no immediate rush to name starters. And according to Holgorsen it may be a collective effort.

When asked about receivers playing collectively WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen stated, “It might have to be that way. Again, I don’t know how they are going to respond. None of them have experience, and we have to put somebody out there first. I wouldn’t put too much thought in who goes out there first”.

One thing is for sure, there is definite depth at the wide receiver position and Holgorsen is known for making changes regularly. This season will be no different than last.

“I didn’t truly know where Kevin (White) and Mario (Alford) were going to be at last year until they were in the game and started making plays. That relationship with the quarterback is huge. Clint (Trickett) knew those guys. How much (junior quarterback) Skyler (Howard) or (redshirt freshman quarterback) William (Crest Jr.) can get on the same page as some of those guys is going to make an impact on how they do out there.”

Holgorsen’s ultimate goal is to have five receivers but has admitted that is simply not the case yet, “My job is to get to five as soon as I can. I can’t get to five right now. We are at 60 percent right now.”

Holgorsen went on to state that Daikiel Shorts, Jordan Thompson, and Wendell Smallwood make up that 60 percent.

And one last thing to watch: Holgorsen stated that Ka’Raun White is already further along at this point than his older brother Kevin was.

That could be scary thought on multiple levels.

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