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Enough is Enough

While there is no doubt Kentucky took West Virginia behind the woodshed last night to the tune of 78-39 it was never about the game.  And while there are plenty of reasons for Kentucky’s dominance the media was chomping at the bit to blame Daxter Miles, and so they have.

From the moment Miles’ quote reached social media it became a feeding frenzy. College basketball fans all over the nation chimed in on one side or the other. Mountaineer fans went to message boards and Twitter trying to defend or condemn what Miles had said. The fact of the matter is this, Daxter Miles said exactly what he felt. You can condemn him for answering the question the way he did but it doesn’t change the fact, the young man is confident.

Sooner or later WVU head coach Bob Huggins was going to be asked about those statements and sure enough after the drumming Thursday night he had his answer, “It was a freshman that said it and I’m kind of happy he wasn’t hiding under a chair somewhere, you know? There’s nothing wrong with having some confidence and wanting to go out and compete”.

It was also obvious after the game that Miles did not want to address the quotes that had gone viral. Miles spent most of the postgame media onslaught tucked away in a corner and when he finally sat down, well let’s just say Marshawn Lynch would have been proud.

The subject of the postgame article was just too easy. It had nothing to do with WVU shooting poorly from the field, nothing to do with Kentucky showing their true strength, nope. Instead it was all about Daxter Miles learning a lesson. What lesson did he learn from all of this? Confidence should be tempered?

This was clearly a matchup for WVU much like that of Baylor. Kentucky’s size and strength is obviously something no one to this point in the season has been able to contend with. But I guess it is getting boring talking about this Kentucky team being one of the best in the history of college basketball. Instead the media wants to Google twitter handles for the Kentucky basketball team and publish their responses to last nights’ game.

Do you know who Tod Lanter is? Neither did I. Yet there is his tweet in an ESPN article this morning. I’ll give you a little background; Lanter has played 8 minutes this season for Kentucky and didn’t play one second last night.

Not to be outdone Bob Hertzel got into the fray inserting the phrase, “Well shut my mouth” into the opening statement of his article.

Instead of reflecting back on a season where Daxter Miles, along with Javon Carter and Devin Williams, carried the team in the absence of both Browne and Staten the media wants to focus on his statements being the reason for last night’s outcome, way to be original.

Make no mistake, this Kentucky team is the best I’ve possibly ever seen. No one in the country wanted a piece of them last night in Cleveland.

Where or not Daxter Miles should have made those statements are up to personal preference. The lesson learned here is the media will use whatever context they want to get a story. For the record, Daxter said, “Kentucky don’t play as hard as us”, the media ran with, “Kentucky don’t play hard”.

Kentucky made Daxter Miles eat his words last night, they’ve done that 36 other times this season. That headline is not newsworthy, it is journalist laziness. Should Daxter shy away from comments like that in the future? I sure hope he doesn’t. Do you remember when Daxter Miles scored 23 against Kansas in the near upset in Lawrence? Or how about when he scored 15 in the home finale win against Oklahoma St? I do.


Jeremy Simon
Founder and publisher of, Jeremy is also a contributor to USA Today as well as covers the Mountaineers for Athlon Sports. Follow on Twitter @JSi07
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