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Fan Poll: Lack of Access Leaves Fans Wanting More?

As spring practice gets into full swing many fans are left wondering what is going on with the WVU football program. Although fans and media alike have had the chance to see the 2015 Mountaineer team through the open practices, many are still left with questions. Who is leading at the QB position? Who will replace Kevin White? How good does the defense look?

While all of these questions will be answered in due time, many wonder why the coaching staff has not opened up more to the public. This is honestly the new age of college sports. Most programs leave their spring practices closed to the public and media alike, however Mountaineer fans seem to deal with it a little differently. With WVU being the only show in town (no professional teams in the state) many fans live and breath Mountaineer athletics. During this lull in information many are craving anything they can get.

Speaking to one fan recently his reasoning was from a financial standpoint saying, “we are expected to pay more for tickets and parking yet have less access.”  Even though it is becoming common practice across college football to close spring practices, many still hold regular interview sessions with coaches and players alike.

Speaking to another longtime Mountaineer fan he just wants to know, “Can you just give me something to hold me over?” Lastly some fans understand this is a business and don’t mind not knowing, “It is not something I expect, Coach Holgorsen does not owe me anything”.

It is not the responsibility of coaching staffs to keep the media and public up to date on the progress of the program outside of contractual obligations, ie coaches shows and press conferences. However, many would argue the exact opposite. But with basketball season now in the books the lack of access to the football program is leaving fans wanting more.

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Jeremy Simon
Founder and publisher of, Jeremy is also a contributor to USA Today as well as covers the Mountaineers for Athlon Sports. Follow on Twitter @JSi07
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