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Feel Good Friday: Pat McAfee’s new business supports Indy Car racer

In this week’s edition of Feel Good Friday, WVUPro Pat McAfee, punter for the Indianapolis Colts, has announced a new company he has started and how that company will go on to sponsor an Indy 500 racer. McAfee announced on Wednesday of this week that his new website, Shirts for America, will sell a variety of America-themed shirts; all of which provide a portion of the proceeds to The Pat McAfee Foundation and Wish for Our Heroes.

McAfee’s shirt company announcement comes from Wednesday’s press conference where the punter announced that he would be assisting in sponsoring his longtime friend Connor Daly in his attempt at winning the Indy 500 race this year. You can read more about the latest news and updates on Formula One and other car racing events on GrandPrixTimes.

McAfee’s friendship with Daly began over a shared bond of video games, specifically Mario Kart, where McAfee detailed his victories over the real life Indy car driver on McAfee’s own social media accounts.

While there are various reasons beyond football that McAfee’s name is known for, his genuine willingness to help others and give back should arguably be top of the list. McAfee does his best to give back to not only his country, with his constant giving to military families, but his Indiana community as well. When McAfee heard his dear friend Daly did not have a primary sponsorship for his Indy 500 attempts, McAfee jumped at the opportunity to use Shirts for America to do so; stating his desire for an American to win this year’s 100th running of the Indy 500 as only five Americans have done so in the past 20 years.

McAfee’s sponsorship of Connor Daly shows how committed McAfee is to the community of the state of Indiana, as the Indy 500 is clearly a high point on Indiana’s annual calendar and Daly himself is also a native of Indiana. McAfee’s Shirts for America is literally days old, his creation of the company combines his desires for giving back and helping military families in need. Fifty percent of the proceeds from each shirt sale will go to the aforementioned charities; Wish for Our Heroes and The Pat McAfee Foundation.

In Wednesday’s press conference announcing both Shirts for America and his Indy 500 sponsorship, McAfee’s usual joking demeanor was present as he maintained he knows little about racing and would not be involved with any of the logistics or mechanics of Daly’s race attempt. The 100th running of the Indy 500 takes place this month, Sunday, May 29th. While Daly will certainly do his best to be the sixth American in 20 years to win, we can be assured that McAfee will do his best to sell shirts, while helping out veterans, and most definitely enjoying the party that will ensue.

McAfee’s Shirts for America are available to purchase from his website, Shirts for America.

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