Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feel Good Friday: Two Mountaineers already in the Christmas spirit

A couple Mountaineers are already in the Christmas spirit!

Pat McAfee isn’t new to our Feel Good Friday stories – and we have the latest good deed from the Colt’s punter.

According to IndyStar, McAfee spent just over $18,000 covering electric bills for unsuspecting Indianapolis Power & Light Co. customers.

McAfee told the company he wanted to cover the bills of anyone who came in the pay their bills last Friday between 4-5pm.  All in all, he picked up 83 bills and several families had a little extra in their holiday budgets!

Scooter Berry collageScooter Berry of the Jacksonville Sharks has been stepping up his involvement in the BJ Safe Swimmers Fund.
BJ McArthur and Scooter have the same father – and BJ was a little brother to Scooter until he passed away as an infant due to drowning. The cause has become very near and dear to Scooter’s heart.

Not only has he started raising awareness for infant fatality due to drowning, but he has also been involved in raising money for a fund set up in the child’s honor.

Berry recently auctioned off an autographed copy of the famous ‘Dingle Berry’ WVU Football photo, with proceeds going to the fund.  He is now spreading the word to raise money to donate swimming lessons to families with small children.

It is a busy time of year for all of us, especially these athletes, and it’s always great to see them making the time for what’s really important this season.



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