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Final Bracketology Update Before Selection Sunday

Wow, we finally made it. 728 days since the last Selection Sunday in 2019. This is the most important day of the year for ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, who is updating his bracket predictions by the minute. Let’s take a look at the final update for WVU before tonight.

Games that still have to be played today that could impact WVU:

  • Houston v. Cincinnati – AAC Championship
  • Alabama v. LSU – SEC Championship
  • Illinois v. Ohio State – B1G Championship

West Virginia needs to root for Cincinnati, LSU and Illinois if they want a chance to move up in the bracket tonight.

Region 4:

  1. Michigan / 16. Play-in game
  2. Alabama / 15. Iona
  3. Oklahoma State / 14. Abilene Christian
  4. West Virginia / 13. Liberty
  5. Creighton / 12. Oregon State
  6. BYU / 11. Play-in game
  7. North Carolina / 10. Maryland
  8. Missouri / 9. Virginia Tech

WVU needs to get out of that first round matchup. Liberty is a team that can win a game in the NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately for the Mountaineers, they put themselves in a position where they have to rely on other teams to fall in order for them to move up. I feel bad for whichever No. 5 seed has to play WVU second round.

Big 12 Seeds

  • Baylor – 1 Seed
  • Kansas – 3 Seed
  • Oklahoma State – 3 Seed
  • Texas – 3 Seed
  • West Virginia – 4 Seed
  • Texas Tech – 5 Seed
  • Oklahoma – 8 Seed

Somehow, Oklahoma State moved DOWN after losing in the Big 12 Championship game. Makes no sense but sure, just means that the Big 12 teams are going to be heavily under-seeded if the committee thinks Baylor is the only No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the country. Also, Oklahoma will be a deadly No. 8 seed.

Tune into CBS at 6 p.m. on Sunday night to see what WVU is seeded and what the rest of the field looks like for March Madness!

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