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Could Florida Opening Affect WVU?

With the University of Florida announcing this week that Coach Will Muschamp will not return as the Gators head coach next season the rumors have already started to circulate. Although WVU’s Holgorsen is not being mentioned as being on the short list this does not mean that the opening in Gainesville could not affect WVU.

Many names being rumored to be on the short list have already been removed either by statements from the coaches themselves or from national media such as Brett McMurhpy who stated earlier today that Rich Rodriguez and Dan Mullen will not be on the Florida short list. Bob Stoops and Steve Spurrier announced earlier today that they also had no interest in the opening at Florida.

So how would this affect WVU? There is one coach who’s name has not been removed from contention, Mike Gundy from Oklahoma St. Though his name emerged as a result of a betting line in Vegas sources have stated that he is, indeed, on the list of potential candidates.

Whether or not Holgorsen would be a potential replacement for Gundy if he were to get the job is obviously unknown. But there are other obstacles to consider if Gundy were to get the job in Florida, recruiting. Gundy runs the same type of up-tempo offense as Holgorsen, which makes sense being Holgorsen’s last stop before coming to Morgantown was Oklahoma St. A Gundy ran Florida team could bring a different type of recruiting competition for the Mountaineers, especially for those kids who are deciding whether they want to stay close to home. Many of the Mountaineers “skill” position recruits come from the state of Florida. As a side note, this would not be the first time Gundy has been on a short list. He was considered a finalist for the Tennessee job in 2012, one in which many thought he was going to take.

A less likely scenario, but one that should stay in the back of everyone’s mind is that Florida will not be the only coaching vacancy this coming offseason. No, I seriously doubt Michigan will come calling for Holgorsen but with the dramatic turnaround in Morgantown this season Holgorsen’s stock may be rising across the coaching landscape. There is NO information to suggest that Holgorsen has been contacted by any school but Mountaineer fans should keep in the back of their minds that Holgorsen is on the verge of a potential 8-4 season just one year after finishing 4-8.

On a side note, although there is no bearing what-so-ever on WVU, Mountaineers MAY be interested to know that former Mountaineer coach and current Marshall head coach Doc Holliday is very much a candidate for the UF opening.


Jeremy Simon
Founder and publisher of, Jeremy is also a contributor to USA Today as well as covers the Mountaineers for Athlon Sports. Follow on Twitter @JSi07
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