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Football: Huge Spring for DTW

As the West Virginia University football team prepares to open the curtain for spring practice 2015, one player looking to make the most of his opportunities is running back Donte Thomas-Williams.

Thomas-Williams, now a redshirt freshman, is looking to help carry the load after taking the 2014 season off to adapt to college life and to prepare his body for the Big 12 Conference grind.

Mountaineer running backs coach JaJuan Seider is looking for big things from his big back. maxresdefault

“He’s bigger and leaner. He’s a naturally big guy,” Seider said. “He’s six-foot-two. He came in 230 pounds. Now his body is toning up. He’s starting to run better and get his legs back up underneath him.”

Seider says when DTW arrived in Morgantown he realized his body wasn’t ready to play football and his conditioning was off. Since arriving at WVU and understanding his true potential, all that has changed.

“He had a realization that he wasn’t ready to play. His conditioning wasn’t in good form because he had to fight through some stuff. We’re always talking about being mentally tough and getting over obstacles. We are going to need you for third-and-one, and fourth-and-one, and you have to go get it. Mike (Joseph) is doing a great job with those guys in the weight room.” Seider said.

With the loss of Dreamis Smith to graduation and Dustin Garrison and Andrew Buie leaving the program, the time is now for DTW to take the next step in the Mountaineer offense, something Seider is looking for.

“He’s learning now,” Seider said. “Now we need to translate over to the field this spring. He needs to take those steps. He needs to be ready to play next year.”

DTW will take that next step when the Mountaineers open spring practice tomorrow.

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